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miraSmooth Franklin: Eliminate Underarm Sweat, Odor, and Hair in One Procedure with miraSmooth

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Be Hair-free, odor-free & dry with miraSmooth

What is miraSmooth and how does it work?
miraSmooth is the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure that safely and permanently eliminates up to 70% of underarm hair while also eliminating underarm sweating & odor. You’ll be hair-free, odor-free and dry — You can even stop wearing toxic deodorant & antiperspirant.

All with one procedure that requires no surgery and no downtime.

miraSmooth is delivered through precisely-controlled energy applied to the underarm region. Unlike laser hair removal, miraSmooth is “colorblind” — meaning it works to eliminate blonde, red, and even gray underarm hair. miraSmooth also eliminates the sweat glands so it eliminates sweat and odor at the same time.

Is miraSmooth the ‘microwave’ procedure I keep hearing about?
oz-good-morning-today-rachael-doctorsYes! You’ve seen Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and The Rachael Ray Show talk about miraSmooth’s “microwave” energy that eliminates underarm hair as well as the glands which cause sweat & odor. The microwave energy used during the miraDry treatment is precisely controlled and delivered directly to the sweat glands, so it is safe and effective.

How long does the procedure take?
The miraSmooth procedure is quick, non-invasive, and performed in the privacy and comfort of our medical offices in Franklin (Cool Springs). The procedure usually takes about an hour. Your physician numbs your underarms, then customizes the treatment for each underarm. The miraSmooth hand piece is then held up to the underarms and energy is delivered.

  • miraSmooth is for anyone that wants to reduce underarm hair, sweat or odor – Women AND Men, 18+.
  • Fast, easy, and safe procedure requiring no invasive surgery or downtime
  • Most patients notice an immediate and dramatic reduction in hair, sweat & odor after the first treatment
  • Most patients experienced an average of 70% total reduction in underarm hair and 82% total reduction in underarm sweat
  • Patient satisfaction is high at 90%
  • Never wear deodorant/antiperspirant again
  • Never ruin another shirt or blouse with sweat stains

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